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 About us

ITG is an established designer and manufacturer of high quality products.

We maintain a large, highly skilled engineering team specializing in motor and application technology in our own Technology Support and manufacturing facilities.


Our key products are:
- Electronically commutated brushless DC motors used in pump and fan

   applications (patented designs).

- Agitator motors and pumps (AC /EC)

- Carbonator & Soda circulation motors (AC / EC)

- Axial and radial Fans (AC /EC)

- Filter fan units, (AC / EC)

- Square shaded pole motors (AC / EC)


The number of high volume appliance products using ITG technology is steadily increasing.

Beverage, Semiconductor, and Cooling Industries - are all benefiting from ITG.

ITG’s new I-Series (patented designs) offers you a wide range of applications –more than ever before.

Your feedback has been important to us as we continue to tailor our products to fit the applications most important to you.

We have packed our advanced technology in standard formats that you can easily use – without any changes to your current product.

If you use a less efficient product, ITG can help you to meet the current energy efficiency standards.

When you demand energy efficiency at good prices – ITG is your partner.

The costs of gaining these benefits may be much lower than you expect.


As the manufacturer of the real heart of a system we continue to set new standards, particularly in:


-reducing energy consumption

-increasing the service life of refrigeration and ventilation systems

-taking advantage of all the possibilities for high tech. integrated electronics.


In terms of speed control and features, ITG motors allow customers to optimize and integrate the motor and controller with the respective application, because the motor’s operation is controlled by software.

The manufacturing of these products is based on the development, design and the final production processes of ITG, the main supplier in this business line.

All manufactured products are up to the current German technical standard (TÜV, VDE) as well as to the globally acknowledged Food and Drug Administration and the UL. (Underwriters Laboratories)


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